St Albans SportsAid Lunch Club

The St Albans Lunch Club takes place twice yearly in the spring and autumn at The Old Albanians Rugby Club, Woollam’s Playing Fields, St Albans. The purpose of the club is to meet local talented athletes, network and raise funds for SportsAid Eastern.

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The Old Albanians Rugby Club

Leon Taylor

Olympic silver medallist Leon Taylor and SSE’s Next Generation programme adviser.

Leon Taylor Diving superstar

During his diving career, Leon enjoyed sustained success at the highest level. He participated at 3 Olympic Games and was a member of the Great Britain team for 16 years. The highlight of his career was Silver at the 2004 Athens Olympics. In 1998 he invented “the world’s most difficult dive” – a backward 2.5 somersaults with 2.5 twists in the piked position. The dive carried a tariff of 3.8 and was the most difficult dive performed in competition. Following a 2009 rule change, the dive tariff changed to 3.6. Yet, the dive is a legacy that continues to live long after Leon’s competitive days.

Date of next lunch:

  • Friday 18th November : Anna Hemmings MBE (canoeist)

St Albans event sponsors

The lunch club is sponsored by Hertfordshire based businesses all with a passion for sport and a keenness to contribute to the success of young athletes. The network has supported over 40 athletes since inception and continues to fundraise each year to support local talent.

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